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Bob and Lucy Sherman


Irv and Dotty Freedland
Debbie and Jerry Smith
Leigh and Walter Winter


Dodi and Jack Levy
Rita Reibman
Leslie and Alan Weiskopf


Rabbi James & Sandy Apple
Nancy and Jeff Brudney
Erin Diener
Roberta and Harold Eichenholz
Carole Fink
Steve and Lyne Glaser
Ellen Heinberg
Rabbi Julie Kozlow
Judy Malman
Susan and Joel Mintzes
Rhonda Pruss and Donald Messer
Steve and Sherry Rotz
Terry and Harley Sacks
Murray and Judy Seidel, MDs
Barbara and Robert Waxman
Stanley and Arlene Weinrich


Kay Ballard
Jack and Marsha Balsinger
Michelle Bannon and Richard Weisman
Dr. Don Digiulian
Alice Evans
Judie and Bob Foley
Mimi Kessler
Shirley Levine
Sharon and Morris Levy
Jim and Mary Kay Reidy
Judy and Steve Robbins
Burt and Sharon Rosner
Dee and Murray Sherman
Ruth Smith
Barbara Stephens
Beverly and Glenn Tetterton-Opheim
Tony and Debbie Viollis


Jan and Bill Epstein
ReneeĀ and Rod Ertischek
Mary Anne Frost
Alan and Diane Gerberg
Gayle Ginsberg
Margaret Haynes
Elaine & Henry Lathrop
Jeanne and Irv Lecker


Susan Brown, Realtor, Wilkinson Real Estate
Barbara Clouse
Marty and Carol Felenstein
LOCAL: Art and Ideas
Arthur Kareff
Patricia Lerch
Priscilla Mannes
Peggy Pancoe Rosoff
Robin and Dan Rubenstein & Family
Liz Schulz
Ellen Solomon
Diane and Gene Travis
Tom and Trudy Trombley


In Honor of the Bat Mitzvah of Debbie Smith
Marilyn and Barry Felenstein
Toby and Ed Morris
Lora and Craig Treiber
In Loving Memory of Beryl Bloch by Mimi Bloch