By: Ashlea Kosikowski, Anchor WILMINGTON, NC (WECT) – Watch dramas, documentaries, comedies and shorts at the 5th Annual Wilmington Jewish Film Festival. The event, April 22 to May 6, features films from ten countries. On Sunday, April 22, at 3 p.m., the first movie featured in the festival is Shelter, an Israeli film, which will be followed… Read more »

By Ben Steelman, StarNews Staff The 5th annual festival kicks off April 22 and runs through May 6 at Thalian Hall.The Wilmington Jewish Film Festival began in 2013 with a “nosh” — a single movie and some snacks. Five years later, the festival has grown to three weeks and 12 films — nine of them feature-length — from… Read more »

By Cheryl Whitaker, StarNews Staff Posted Apr 2, 2018 WILMINGTON — The fifth annual Wilmington Jewish Film Festival will be held April 22-May 6 at Thalian Hall with nine feature films from 10 countries. The selected films will be from Israel, France, Germany, India, United Kingdom, Czech Republic, Hungary, Germany, Poland and the United States. This year,… Read more »

Originally published in Port City Daily. April 22, 2017 WILMINGTON – The fourth annual Wilmington Jewish Film Festival begins this Sunday, kicking off three weeks of films. Hosted by Thalian Hall, the United Jewish Appeal of Wilmington and the Wilmington Jewish Film Festival will present “A World of Jewish Film.” The festival will feature weeknight films… Read more »

Originally published in the Star News. April 21, 2017 By Ben Steelman StarNews Staff From a one-day “nosh” in 2013, the Wilmington Jewish Film Festival has grown into a three-week banquet with 11 films from eight different countries. The festival opened Sunday at Thalian Hall and continues through May 9. Co-founder Peggy Pancoe Rosoff gives… Read more »

Originally published in encore. April 25, 2017 “I want to make a film that surprises and delights,” award-winning filmmaker Roger Sherman says. “I don’t want to make a film everybody knows everything about.” Some of Sherman’s documentaries include “Alexander Calder” (1998), “Richard Rogers: The Sweetest Sounds” (2001), “Medal of Honor” (2008), “The Restaurateur” (2010), and 2015’s… Read more »

N.C. Black Film Festival offers a 4-day movie buffet Tuesday   Highlights include the drama “Service to Man” and the documentary “Wilmington on Fire.” By Ben Steelman StarNews Staff The N.C. Black Film Festival returns to Wilmington for its 15th annual installment Sept. 15, screening three dozen films over four days. This year, the festival is adding… Read more »

Originally published in encore magazine. May 3rd, 2016 Screening eight feature films, the annual Wilmington Jewish Film Festival (WJFF) started last Wednesday and runs until May 11. Entering its second week, WJFF continues to offer unique perspectives on Jewish identity, history, customs, and rituals, as well as shine a light on contemporary global politics. Among… Read more »

Originally posted in StarNews. May 26th, 2016 “I felt quite enlarged after seeing the eight movies offered by Wilmington’s Jewish Film Festival.The panel discussions and receptions following each film were also outstanding. Kudos to all involved.”

Originally posted in StarNews. April 27, 2016 The third annual Wilmington Jewish Film Festival returns to Thalian Hall on Sunday, and like the famous slogan for Levy’s Rye Bread, you don’t have to be Jewish to like it. Four striking features are scheduled for the first four days of the festival’s two-week run, most of… Read more »

Originally posted on StarNews. March 29, 2016 Tickets go on sale Friday for the third edition of the Wilmington Jewish Festival, scheduled for May 1-4 and 8-11 at Thalian Hall. As co-chairman and founder Peggy Pancoe Rosoff likes to note, this year’s festival will span Mother’s Day, Israeli Independence Day and Holocaust Remembrance Day. It… Read more »

Originally posted on Visite Wilmington NC.  May 6, 2015 The final films of Wilmington’s Second Annual Jewish Film Festival take on two nefarious influences that modern Jewry faces: the lingering effects of the Holocaust and the proliferation of international terrorism. The Art Dealer, produced and directed by François Margolin, covers the story of a young… Read more »

Originally posted on Visite Wilmington NC. Article written by Amy Lyon April 29, 2015 “You win the audience award for whooping it up,” producer Nancy Spielberg told the sold out crowd at Thalian Hall during the Q&A session after the screening of her documentary Above and Beyond. That met with further applause from the audience… Read more »

Originally posted on “The Rambler: THE NEWSLETTER OF THE SOUTHERN JEWISH HISTORICAL SOCIETY” The second annual Wilmington Jewish Film Festival, in association with the United Jewish Appeal of Wilmington, North Carolina, is serving up a range of dramas, suspense thrillers, romantic tales, and stirring documentaries to Wilmington filmgoers from April 20 to 29. Enlarged from… Read more »

Originally posted on Visite Wilmington NC. Article by Amy Lyon. April 22, 2015   The Second Annual Wilmington Jewish Film Festival, in association with The United Jewish Appeal of Wilmington, launched Sunday, April 19, with a full house at Thalian Hall. The two films thematically hung around the relationship between the Catholic and Jewish faiths… Read more »

Originally posted on StarNews Online Friday April 24th, 2015 article by Ben Steelman What was it like, being Steven Spielberg’s little sister? Nancy Spielberg laughs. “He was always making movies,” she recalled in a phone conversation. “If I didn’t help him with his movies, he’d lock me in a closet with his skull.” A plastic skull, that… Read more »

Interview by Gina Gambony at WHQR Studios. In 2013, the folks who wanted to begin a Jewish Film Festival in Wilmington were careful:  to test the waters, they presented just one film.  Last year, they presented 4…and this year, the Festival offers 9 films over two weeks:  6 feature length films + 3 short films,… Read more »

Originally posted on The Star News Online article by Ben Steelman   Published: Wednesday, April 15, 2015 at 9:40 a.m. Six features – from France, Germany, Argentina the United States and elsewhere – will be screened at the 2015 Wilmington Jewish Film Festival, opening Sunday in Thalian Hall. The six-film series runs through April 29, with Sunday,… Read more »

Originally posted on the Wilma Magazine’s April 2015 issue.   The hot climate of Arizona may have led to the filmmaking success of the Spielberg brother-and-sister duo. NANCY SPIELBERG, Steven Spielberg’s youngest sister, worked as her brother’s cast and crew rather than playing outside as a kid. Steven would come up with projects growing up… Read more »

By Ben Steelman   Steven Spielberg’s younger sister will be among the celebrities attending the 2015 Wilmington Jewish Film Festival, to be held April 19-22 and April 26-29 in Thalian Hall. Nancy Spielberg, a filmmaker in her own right, will attend the April 26 screening of her documentary “Above and Beyond: The Birth of… Read more »

WHQR April 2 2014: Jude Eden and Peggy Pancoe Rosoff stopped by to speak with us about the Wilmington Jewish Film Festival being held this Thursday, Saturday and Sunday at Thalian Hall.  Full details available on their Facebook Page. To hear an archive of this interview, visit:

ENCORE “Your Alternative Weekly Voice” Cover article by CHRISTIAN PODGAYSKY APRIL 2, 2014 cover article: The iconic image of boats approaching Ellis Island filled with people from divergent backgrounds, who cling to dreams of life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness, resounds with almost all Americans. Preserving one’s heritage and imparting its significance is something… Read more »