When Hitler Stole Pink Rabbit.png

When Hitler Stole Pink Rabbit

  • Director: Caroline Link

  • Year: 2019

  • Running Time: 119 minutes

  • Genre: Drama

  • Country: Germany, Switzerland, France

  • Language: German with subtitles

In this gentle, family drama based on a true story, a German-Jewish girl takes her first steps into adulthood, as world events intrude on her happy, carefree existence. Nine-year-old Anna is too busy with schoolwork and friends to notice Hitler’s face glaring from posters plastered all over 1933 Berlin. But when her father suddenly vanishes, and the family is secretly hurried out of Germany, Anna begins to understand life will never be the same. What follows is a courageous adventure full of fear and uncertainty, as Anna and her family navigate unfamiliar lands, and cope with the challenges of being refugees.

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How About Adolf?.jpg

What About Adolf?


  • Director: Sönke Wortmann

  • Year: 2018

  • Running Time: 91 minutes

  • Genre: Social Satire

  • Country: Germany

  • Language: German with subtitles


It should have been a wonderful evening. Stephan and Elisabeth have invited their family and friends for dinner, but as soon as Thomas announces that he and his pregnant girlfriend are planning to name their unborn son Adolf, things get out of hand. A bitter confrontation ensues revealing a clash of egos as truths are dragged to light, kicking and screaming. As the evening escalates and unforgivable things are said on all sides, the argument about baby names turns into a feast of childhood transgressions and hidden passions, served up for all to enjoy.

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Interview with Caroline Peters & Barry Salwen

shared legacies.jpg

Shared Legacies

  • Director: Shari Rogers

  • Year: 2020

  • Running Time: 90 minutes

  • Genre: Documentary

  • Country: USA

  • Language: English

The documentary looks at the modern-day alliance between African Americans and Jewish Americans. It begins with the founding of the NAACP in 1909 and showcases the bigotry and segregation that both groups have faced. There are narrations and testimonies from Holocaust survivors, leaders, advocates, and prominent Atlantans such as U.S. Rep. John Lewis, Ambassador Andrew Young, Rabbi Alvin Sugarman, Rabbi Peter S. Berg, members of the King family, and many others.

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