How About Adolf?

About the Film

It should have been a wonderful evening. Stephan and Elisabeth have invited their family and friends for dinner, but as soon as Thomas announces that he and his pregnant girlfriend are planning to name their unborn son Adolf, things get out of hand. A bitter confrontation ensues revealing a clash of egos as truths are dragged to light, kicking and screaming. As the evening escalates and unforgivable things are said on all sides, the argument about baby names turns into a feast of childhood transgressions and hidden passions, served up for all to enjoy.

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Begins Tuesday, August 25, 2020 | 7:00 pm 

The film can be viewed anytime until Thursday. August 27, 2020 I 7:00 pm

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Film Details


Sönke Wortmann


Running Time

91 minutes

Social Satire




German with English subtitles


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