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About the Film

On the Map tells the against-all-odds story of Maccabi Tel Aviv’s 1977 win of the European Cup. Through the conduit of sports, this film presents a much broader story of Israel and the Jewish people during the Cold War. The film recounts how the underdog Israeli basketball team prevailed over CSKA Moscow (known in the West as “Red Army”) – a team that refused to play against Israel. Moments after this highly charged and historical win, Israeli-American basketball hero Tal Brody captured the heart of the young nation when he famously said, “Israel is On the Map, not just in sport, but in everything.” Told through the eyes of six American basketball players who joined Maccabi Tel Aviv and helped shape the team that beat Russia, and featuring interviews with NBA iconic legends Bill Walton and David Stern, On the Map combines the pulse pounding action of a high-stakes game with an incendiary political situation to deliver a film that mesmerizes fans of the game and captures the spirit of a nation triumphant against all odds. On the Map also features interviews with Michael Oren and Natan Sharansky, among others.

Film Details


Dani Menkin


Running Time

86 minutes







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Chat via Live Video with basketball stars Tal Brody and Aulcie Perry on Sunday, April 5 at 3PM EDT (12PM PST)

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